Friday, 12 August 2016

3 Better Micro blogging Alternatives for Twitter

Twitter Alternatives

After a long time I am showing up on my own blog & some things called academics were keeping me busy, but I am back. Second important thing, discovered some great sites that I would like to share through this post. They are basically micro blogging services like twitter, but they do things far beyond the capabilities of Twitter. So don’t ignore at all.

Tumblr is the very first & becoming popular because of its bridging qualities of a blog & a micro blog. Tumblr is a very handy interface with drag and drop features with everything like videos, images & social bookmarking.

Tumblr is setting news way to blog & which is far different from twitter. Tumblr is something like you can treat it like your fully developed blog with customizable skins & tools.  So don’t forget to check out this great twitter alternative.

Very first the site manages to impress you while you are signing up. Dynamically expanding windows & effects are very different from traditional micro blogging & twitter. At, things are separated out in form of images with headings. And it’s like magazine kind of homepage that everyone sees when he logs into his account. Kontain is a great alternative for twitter. It also lets you update simultaneously to Facebook & Twitter, Great Isn’t it?

Lastly is the thing for professional who are more work savvy than their offline friend’s life. For employees working in an organization having their own friends in organization, there is a best way to get updates like twitter.

The difference in this website that twitter is, it narrows the area of interest to get updates. You get updates from colleagues which can be useful in many ways. So these other alternatives of twitter can be used for different kind of micro bloggers.

Hope you like all these new sites & get some fresh new online places to hang out.

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